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Exceptional Construction Service!

With Toyo Construction Group, you can expect a quality construction service but not just from nobodies on the street – from legitimate, highly-skilled, and trained contractors! We teach everyone who works for us that every project should be as close as possible to the original idea. We make properties in The Bronx, NY perfect!

Our Services

Construction Services

Construction Services

Each construction expert knows their training and skills must be more than enough if they're going to help someone with heavier projects, and everyone from our company knows it. That's why we offer exceptional services and can't wait to get our hands dirty with your projects!
Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Dicing to remodel the kitchen and bathroom is a big project. It's not as simple as repairing your old, worn-down mug or getting a new hairdryer. The time for doing both projects increases, as does the dirt and labor. It's not something people prefer taking on on their own, so we're here to help when you want some changes!
Roofing and Siding

Roofing and Siding

People don't see how similar the acts of adding a new roof and siding are, but we'll explain why that is. Why do you add a roof? It's what makes it a property and a protective feature. The same goes for siding. Both are beautiful and protective, and we'll do the installation!


Are you planning on managing your painting of the property? Are you ready with all the materials and prep work? Do you know you'd have to take out hours of your time and even days, depending on the size of the property, for a proper painting job? If you're not up for it - let us pick up the brushes and smooth the color against each wall!


We might not be considered an all-around cleaner, but we will certainly help you, at least a little. If you need us to come and deal with junk and dirt that's been gathering at your property, we'll be honored! Every construction worker knows that junk is arduous to remove alone, so we're here to share the load!


People usually stray from plumbing because even the slightest move in the wrong direction can cause headaches and waste even more time to address. But if you trust us to deal with the plumbing, we can assure you'll get what you need, and everything will be of the highest quality!


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Exceptional in Every Aspect

People usually start looking for help from outside sources if they don’t see a fulfillment of their needs on their own, and that’s usually the case for challenging projects. For example, if you’re doing laundry – you’d probably prefer to do it yourself and know you’ll get the results you expect. But, if you’re starting a construction project such as remodeling, installing siding, putting in a new roof, or even painting all the walls – you might want to turn to a reliable construction company to ensure perfection!

Our Contractors Know What to Do

It’s easy getting something done when you hire contractors who know what they’re doing and have dedicated their lives to learning the trade and becoming excellent! Working with a construction contractor means letting go of the reigns and allowing someone else to take over. Who better to prove you haven’t made a mistake than our contractors? With their skills and experience, they can make anything can, and it will exceed even the more whimsical of needs!

Call¬†Toyo Construction Group and take advantage of our exceptional construction service! You deserve to get everything when you hire a team of experienced contractors! We’re going to make sure that happens! If you live in the The Bronx, NY area and have called because you expect perfection – that’s what you’re going to get!

by Cory Livingston on Toyo Construction Group
High-Quality Construction Service!

Don't kid yourselves - this is the company to choose when you want high-quality construction service! I'm certain no one else could have helped me out as these guys did. They took all my ideas in and worked extremely hard until every detail was perfect, just the way I wanted. The projects are more perfect than I thought they would be!

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